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Children's Author
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My life

hometowns210monthsI was born in Leicester towards the end of the Second World War.  My father was away in India, and I didn’t meet him till I was nearly two.  When he came home he went back to working in a bank and we moved every two or three years to different towns in the north of England. 


I went to five different schools, bears
then to Newcastle University, 
where I read 
a lot of books in German, 
a few books in French and 
Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Norwegian.

After university I lived in Germany for a while, then I came back to England, got married and had two children, who are now grown up.


homeToday I live in an old farmhouse
with several large outhouses
where my husband makes sculpturesAriel


(This is a sculpture, not my husband)


and I sometimes make paintings:

eastern  inbeginning  rosetta  stardust  spring  synapse

My stories



I used to tell myself stories when I was
still too young to write them down. 



 At school my teacher embarrassed me
by reading my stories to the class. 


children2I started writing children’s books when my own children were small, but it was another thirty years before any of them were published.


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